Voluntary Interviews with the Police

These are interviews under caution with the police. They are becoming more and more common as the police attempt to save money by arresting fewer people. In these interviews you will not be arrested but you are still being interviewed as a suspect. Anything you say to the police in such an interview can later be used against you later in court. The interview may take place in a police station, at home or somewhere else. You have the right to be represented by a criminal solicitor from Bennett & Co. Defence Solicitors during any such interviews and this representation is free.

Why should I call Bennett & Co. Defence Solicitors?

  • because you can call and speak immediately to an experienced criminal solicitor
  • because we will assist you for free;
  • because we are available at short notice;
  • because we are independent and will act only in your best interests;
  • because if the case goes on from the voluntary interview to court proceedings then normally you will be dealt with by the same person throughout.